Polycarbonates and polyester sheets


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Economic and easily install

The installation of our panels must be made from ridge to channel and slopes minimum 7% and not exceed the distance of 2.0 ml straps. If the sandwich panel is of a thickness greater than that of the panel to be installed, this difference must be compensated by the incorporation in the strap of extra metal omegas (example: if the sandwich panel is 40 mm thick and the thickness of Panel of 30mm, should be supplemented with a 10mm metal omega).

The coefficient of thermal expansion of polycarbonate is significantly higher than that of structures and other plastic products, so it is essential to provide systems that allow the free expansion of the sheets. To fix the panel, it is necessary to make oval holes in the upper part of the wings and the crosses with a diameter according to Table A, placing a support under the fence to avoid vibrations during the realization of the hole.


Roffs and skylight


Gutter ridge system

ACH Greca


ACH Greca


  30 40
Paso Celdillas Verticales 24 mm
Paredes Horizontales 7
Ancho Placa Útil 1.000 mm
Tacón Con / Sin
Longitud A Medida
Control Solar (G = Valor) Neutro 60%
Opalino 54%
Neutro 59%
Opalino 58%
Transmisión de la luz Neutro 59%
Opalino 32%
Neutro 57%
Opalino 30%
Aislamiento Térmico 1,28 w/m2 / °C 1,14 w/m2 / °C
Aislamiento Acústico 23 -dB
Dilatación 0,065 mm / m °C
UV Protección Coextrusión Cara Exterior
Clasificación al Fuego B-s1, d0 (UNE-EN 13501-1:2007)
Temperatura de Uso Ordinario -30° + 120 °C
Garantía Decenal Contra Granizo, PĂ©rdida Transmisión Luz, Amarilleamiento

Load table

Distancia entre 3 o más apoyos Presión en Pa/m2 Depresión en Pa/m2
1000 mm 3240 Pa 1650 Pa
1250 mm 2540 Pa 1320 Pa
1500 mm 2150 Pa 1100 Pa
1750 mm 1785 Pa 940 Pa
2000 mm 1485 Pa 825 Pa
2250 mm 980 Pa 710 Pa
2500 mm 780 Pa 595 Pa