Polyester sheets that stay transparent longer


ACH Poliéster Reforzado Malla Plus

ACH reinforced polyester sheets are produced in continuos and composed of a glass fiber reinforcement impregnated with polyester resin and protected with a coating of gelcoat on both sides.

At the top the gelcoat incorporates a stabilizer treatment to UV reducing the yellowness index, thereby contributing to maintaining the light passage longer.

Classification according to legal normative

  • ISO 9002 "Manufacturing process&#quot;
  • Certificate 1200 joules by LGAI (Spain) and Bureau Veritas (France) according to a Cahier n° 3228. Informative note n° 4 for class II
  • Reaction to fire certification by LGAI (Spain) according to UNE 23.727


  • Easy install
  • Wide range of solutions
  • It’s nos affected by high dilatation
  • High chemical resistance
  • High resistance to impacts
  • Good light transmission


Skylight Applications: Roof and facades

Combined with: Profiled and fibercement sheets

Other: Hanging decorative or isolated roofs

Inner detail

ACH Reinforced Polyester mesh Plus