Profiled Sheet Deck 56/238

Profiled Sheet Deck 56/238

  • July 02, 2018
  • ACH

In ACH Panels we have a new product in our catalog, Profiled Sheet Deck 56/238. It is a solution for the enclosure of roof panel and facades and also, it has got a design that could be used in Deck panels. It is a material that can be done with different thickness, coating, and colors, adapting them to the necessities of our clients. It has got a trapezoidal profile with a rib altitude of 56mm and they are different thickness measurements as 0,7mm, 0,8mm, 1,0mm and 1,2mm.

In ACH Panels, we want to provide you our best service and we would be very happy to answer all your questions in /

Link to technical sheet - Chapa Perfilada 56/238


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