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ACH Joined the BIM

  • June 20, 2019
  • ACH


ACH already has available its BIM Object Library to facilitate the work of all clients, architects, engineers, specifiers installers, builders, etc., who use ACH products.

BIM (Building Information Modeling), is a collaborative working method that generates a virtual model that contains all the information of the building throughout the life cycle of the building, from design, construction, management and even to demolition. A BIM object is a virtual representation of the actual products with all the technical information, composition and benefits included.

The BIM objects of ACH products can be downloaded free of charge from ACH's website, in "BIM", or on the BIMObject website, the world's leading BIM content platform; The BIM objects of the ACH products are available for the ARCHICAD and Revit software.

Additionally, BIMObject has free applications available for both software simplifying the downloading, synchronization and updating of the BIM objects of the ACH products, in case of changes performed after the initial uploading of the objects.

The BIM library of ACH products is composed of 15 objects:

  • - Roof sandwich panel, 2 ribs and Mineral Wool core
  • - Roof sandwich panel, 3 ribs with Joint Cap and PUR/PIR core
  • - Roof sandwich panel, 5 ribs and Mineral Wool core
  • - Roof sandwich panel, 5 ribs and PUR/PIR core
  • - Acoustic Double Panel Solutions
  • - Acoustic barriers and screens
  • - Acoustic Partitioning sandwich panel
  • - Cold-room sandwich panel
  • - Deck roofing
  • - Partitioning sandwich panel with Mineral Wool core
  • - Steel-Wood sandwich panel
  • - Façade sandwich panel with PUR/PIR core
  • - Wave finish Façade sandwich panel with Mineral Wool core
  • - Façade sandwich panel with Mineral Wool core

ACH is constantly working to innovate and make the work of its customers faster and easier and, for this reason, has adapted to this new technology.

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