ACH New Product: Corrugated Façade Panel

ACH New Product: Façade Panel, Flat Finish

  • March 23, 2019
  • ACH

The news continues at ACH; we present a new product which main characteristic is flatness.

The Façade Panel, Flat Finish ACH guarantees an uniform finish without surface effects or bags.

The totally flat finish is the main difference from other proposals available on the market, within the solutions with sandwich panels.

It is a material that is formed by two sheets of high thickness steel and rock wool core specially designed to guarantee a quality finish (2X-RAS). The homogeneity of the product is taken in a very special way for fast and simple assembly.

It is a product suitable for the construction of facades in buildings of different types: industrial, commercial, sports, etc.

Also, it has the guarantee that ACH provides in all its certifications by providing a high-thickness steel face, the corrosion resistance is considerably longer.

In addition, it provides high thermal performance and its design provides a significant reduction in the energy consumption of buildings.

At Panels ACH we want to offer our customers a better service and therefore we like to innovate in our materials. If you want to obtain more detailed information, you can contact us by writing without any commitment to our e-mail:

We hope you will contact us soon!

Façade Panel, Flat Finish - Data Sheet


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