Acoustic insulation and fire protection

ACH Rock Wool Sandwich Panels are cold-formed. Its two outer sheets are joined by a central insulating core formed by mineral wool (rock or glass). This allows our Rock Wool sandwich panels to achieve high resistance and fire resistance, making them an ideal product for any sector in which this problem is a priority: industrial construction, public assistance, residential construction, shipbuilding, etc.

The high acoustic properties of our Rock Wool sandwich panels significantly improve the environmental quality in the industrial sector, providing truly innovative solutions.

More than a mass-produced product, each unit of our Rock Wool sandwich panels is the result of listening to the customer, their needs and concerns. We create a differentiated response in collaboration with the client, which allows us to provide you with the specific solutions you need during each phase of the project and the execution of your work.

ACH Stone Wool Panels

Stone wool ACH Panel types.


High mechanical resistance

High level of thermal resistance

High level of acoustic resistance

High resistance to fire

Our technology is unique

The secret of customising each of our panels lies in our continuous manufacturing process which guarantees uniformity of the parts and makes planning more flexible. It allows the production of designs with different lengths and thicknesses (from 30 to 200mm), made to order accessories and finishes adapted to climatic and environmental factors.

ACH panel structure

Steel sheets

External thickness: 0.5mm -1.0mm.

Internal thickness: 0.5mm -1.0mm.

Apart from steel, sheets can be made of other materials.

Inner insulating core

Made of mineral wool (stone or glass) with varying densities.

ACH‘s distinct milling system ensures there are no gaps in the insulation core, whether they are ribbed or flat.

The fire reaction certification of the mineral wools is A2-s1, d0.


Each project is a discovery
ACH panels bring their best features to each project both during the construction process and afterwards when they continue to enhance the living environment.

Easy assembly

The simplicity of ACH panels, together faster assembly than any other cladding solution.


Each unit of energy consumed in the manufacturing process saves the equivalent of 25 units when in use.

Air-tightness and water-tightness

The surfaces of ACH panels are waterproof and air-tight. ACH mineral wool is water resistant thanks to its waterrepellent qualities.


The elasticity of their open structure gives the panels a high capacity to absorb the acoustic energy produced by noise and avoids the coupling effect of stationary sound waves.

Fire and flame resistance

Being inorganic the panels do not burn nor produce smoke. In addition, they maintain their thermal insulation capacity even at high temperatures.


Mineral wools are inert elements which do not allow the growth of microorganisms nor insects. They do not serve as insulation for rodents and are nonbiodegradable.

Applications. Each order, a new possibility.

ACH has developed several constructive solutions that provide the comfort, insulaton and protection required by projects designed for today's needs for building facades, roofs and interior partitions in a wide variety of buildings:

  • Industrial closings.
  • Residential building.
  • Interior sectorization.
  • Road sector.
  • Acoustic conditioning.
  • Industrial units.
  • Sport centers.
  • Trade fairs.
  • Food industry.
  • Shopping centers
  • Acoustic protection on roads
  • Shipbuilding acoustic and fire protection.

ACH Panels Standard Colours

External Surface Colour Internal Surface Colour
Pyrenees White 1006   Pyrenees White 1006  
Navarre Green 3000   Pyrenees White 1006  
Bidasoa Cream 2002   Pyrenees White 1006  
Roof Tile Red 7001   Pyrenees White 1006  
Pearl Grey 5001   Pyrenees White 1006  
Metallic Silver RAL9006   Pyrenees White 1006  
Iberdrola Power Plant

Available Products and Profiles.


2 Rib Roof Joint

2 Rib Roof Joint

5 Rib Roof Joint

5 Rib Roof Joint

Wall Panel Joint with Concealed Fixings

Wall Panel Joint with Concealed Fixings

Tongue and Groove joint

Tongue and Groove joint


Profile of ACH 5 Rib Roof Panel

Profile of ACH 5 Rib Roof Panel

Profile of ACH 2 Rib Roof Panel

Profile of ACH 2 Rib Roof Panel

Profile of ACH Wall Panel with Concealed Fixing

Profile of ACH Wall Panel with Concealed Fixing

External sheet: Micro-ribbed, smooth or micro-profiled.

Perfil 2 Grecas de Cubierta ACH

Profile of ACH Tongue and Groove Partitioning Panel

External sheet: Micro-ribbed, smooth or micro-profiled.