Health, Security
and Environment

SECURITY and ENVIRONMENT are a fundamental and imperative part in Saint-Gobain Transformados S.A.U. All our activities are carried out respecting the environment and contribute directly to improve working conditions and the well-being of each one of us, using all our efforts and tools that are available, in continuous search of new objectives that we allow to improve. We do our best to achieve the ultimate and priority objective:

  • ZERO occupational accidents.
  • ZERO occupational diseases.
  • ZERO environmental accidents.

And decrease the impact of our activities.

The responsibilities and management functions of SECURITY and ENVIRONMENT are assumed by the Management and distributed straightly to the entire hierarchical line, being these factors a priority and permanent business.

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All the staff of Saint-Gobain Transformados S.A.U. is able to ensure the correct working conditions by being involved and setting an example in agreement with the slogans of safety and respect to the environment as part of its functions and responsibilities, at all hierarchical levels.

The security is unified in all the manufacturing processes of the company, being indivisible from the working methods. In the event of new installations and machines, we assign respect for safety and the environment from the project or purchase phase.

With the aim of improving the results of SECURITY, we encourage communication, training and participation of the entire structure of the company.


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Our Organization is committed to follow the current legislation and regulations regarding to SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENT, as well as other requirements that the Organization itself subscribes or that may subscribe to.

Another priority objective for Saint-Gobain Transformados S.A.U. it is to integrate all the interested parts of the Organization in the commitment of environmental protection and of the people. As well as the conservation of the environment where the activities are developed, the management of waste, the minimization of risks, the prevention of pollution and the health of all our workers.

The security plan, integrated in our management, allows us to update the efforts and guide them to the objectives and needs of the moment, thus avoiding professional risks from their beginning.

Saint-Gobain Transformados S.A.U. establishes goals for improvement, safety, health and the environment in a systematic way. It evaluates performance and applies the necessary corrections to achieve the proposed objectives. It also works in the search for new technical solutions, on issues of safety, health and environmental protection, thus ensuring the continuous improvement of our activity.

Saint-Gobain Transformados S.A.U. considers that fulfilling and enforcing this Policy is part of the responsibility that people who are involved in this common project have come into possession of.



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