ACH 5 Rib Roof Panel

ACH offers high-quality, long-lasting roof solutions which guarantee complete waterproofing, as well as exceeding even the most demanding anti-fire requirements as well as a high level of thermal insulation.

The multi-rib design delivers superior mechanical resistance permitting larger spans with even loads.

The 5 Rib Roof Panel is specially designed for those buildings that require a high level of fire resistance.


ACH 5 Rib Acoustic Roof Panel

ACH has developed a totally absorbent and innovative product that provides great acoustic performance for roofs that require high levels of thermal insulation as well as excellent sound absorption qualities.

The perforated design of the internal sheet provides the panel with excellent sound absorption, thus achieving a high level of soundproofing.

The system includes a glass layer between the sheet and the mineral wool core, which acts as a protector and at the same time ensures there is no loss either of fibres or other materials in the core of the panel.