ACH Panel with Concealed Fixings

The facade solutions offered by ACH combine all the requirements of functionality, design and image demanded by present-day projects.

We have created a vertical cladding solution that combines high aesthetic qualities with excellent mechanical, thermal and acoustic performance features. The panel also has noteworthy fire resistance qualities.

These panels represent a complete novelty in the market which, thanks to the design of the joints, permits the concealment of the fixings whilst also ensuring complete water-tightness of the joints, whether installed vertically or horizontally, delivering the accompanying architectural and technical advantages.


ACH Acoustic Panel with Concealed Fixings

Retaining all the features of the panel with concealed fixings, ACH has developed a product specifically for those situations requiring a lot of sound absorption and likewise a high level of soundproofing.

This solution is particularly appropriate in interiors which require a reduction in exposure to noise.

To achieve the solution the absorbing effect of stone wool was combined with appropriate perforations on the profile of the panel.


Latest test results. 80 mm Panel

Permeability under pressure according to EN 12114

+600PA: 0,66 m3/hm2

+600PA: 0,96 m3/hm2

Resistance to rain water in simulation test according to EN 12865

Classification 600A