Quality Policy

QUALITY is a priority in the production activity carried out by Saint-Gobain Transformados S.A.U. and is thoroughly oriented to the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of Clients. General guidelines and objectives that, in relation to Quality, guide Saint-Gobain Transformados S.A.U. are reflected in the Quality Policy of the Company defined by its Management and based on the following principles:

  • Quality is not controlled, it is manufactured. Certify the survival of the Organization in a highly competitive environment.
  • Our Policy is the frame of reference to achieve our objectives, the requirements of clients, legal and all relevant stakeholders in order to obtain a strategic advantage over our competitors.
  • We guide our work towards a CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, identifying and eliminating possible causes of defects and deficiencies (prevention) and increasing the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Through the application of the above principles we intend to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop a COLLABORATIVE Quality Management that takes advantage of the abilities and strength of the entire workforce.
  • We OPTIMISE DAY-BY-DAY all processes to eliminate the costs of non-quality.
  • Obtain the identification and the COMMITMENT of all the members of Saint-Gobain Transformed S.A.U. with Quality.

Make Quality a basic element in the culture of the Company.

General principles and objectives, cited above, are communicated to the entire Organization and deployed by the Management in specific objectives that are systematically reviewed and modified, if deemed appropriate, with a final purpose:



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